Conditions needing ophthalmic plastic surgery?

Ophthalmic plastic surgery helps correct abnormalities of eyelids like of the lids (ptosis), inturning (entropion) or out-turning (ectropion) of the lid margin. Treatment of lid deformities resulting from trauma comprises other common situations needing ophthalmic plastic surgery.

Problems related to excessive watering from the eyes may be because of blockage of the tear drainage system of the eye and these can be effectively treated with a simple surgery.

Patients who suffer paralysis attacks often have difficulty in eyelid closure, which can also be dealt with effectively.

Thyroid dysfunction is very common in our country, and it can lead to bulging of one or both eyes or an appearance of asymmetry between the two eyes. Treatment for this problem involves both medical and surgical options. Please consult your oculoplasty specialist at the earliest sign of thyroid-related eye problems.

Loss of an eye as a result of trauma or surgery used to leave the person with a disfigured face and much emotional trauma in the past. But with advances in modern ophthalmic plastic surgery, these patients can now be rehabilitated to a great extent cosmetically by means of socket surgeries and custom made artificial eyes.

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Ophthalmic plastic surgery and facial aesthetics


Our eyes are by far considered by many to be the most important feature on our face. Over time, their beauty can be greatly reduced by ageing, creases and eyebags. The aesthetic aspect of ophthalmology deals with rejuvenation and enhancement of facial features with the help of various surgical and non-surgical methods.

Some of the procedures include Botox injections, which is a simple non-surgical treatment for wrinkles around eyes, forehead and crow lines. With ageing, one may start noticing hollows and folds around eyes which occur due to loss of tone and sagging of tissues around the eyes. For this, a filler like Hyaluronic acid gel is injected with an ultra- fine needle in problem areas. These procedures are simple, convenient and results are visible immediately.

Almost everyone develops sagging around their eyes. Loose excess skin or weak muscle can cause upper lid sagging. Also, bags may develop under the eyes with age, even young people may have this problem. The procedure called blepharoplasty is performed for such a condition. The incision in the eyelid is small and is hidden in the natural eyelid skin crease.

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